anavar side effects

Alpha-agonists, exerts vasoconstrictor and Proto vootechnoe action. When applied topically reduces conjunctival edema, burning sensation, soreness, eye irritation, lacrimation. Vasoconstrictor-tion effect develops within minutes and lasts 4-8 hours. Pharmacokinetics. When applied topically, systemic absorption is low.



    • moderate eye irritation: itching, swelling, and conjunctival hyperemia, burning, tearing, injected sclera due to chemical and physical factors (dust, cosmetics, swimming in chlorinated water, bright light or radiation effect of a computer monitor);

allergic conjunctivitis

Hypersensitivity to the drug, glaucoma, endothelial-epithelial corneal dystrophy, children’s age (up to 3 years), acute cardiovascular failure, bacterial infections of the eye, foreign body eye.

Hypertension, arrhythmia, aneurysm, hyperthyroidism, pheochromocytoma, diabetes, severe organic heart and vascular disease (including ischemia-cal heart disease (CHD), the period of treatment MAO inhibitors and other drugs that increase blood pressure (BP) , diabetes.

Pregnancy and lactation
Use in pregnancy and lactation is possible only if the expected benefits outweigh the risk to the mother or child.

Dosing and Administration
Locally. Adults and children over 3 years, every eye in the lower konyunktival-tion of the bag -. 1-2 drops 2-3 times daily
if no improvement within 48 hours, a further intake must be stopped and seek medical advice.

Side effects
Local: increased intraocular pressure, burning sensation and reactive hyperemia eyes, rarely – mydriasis.
System: high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, cardiac activity, headache, nausea, drowsiness, weakness, tremor, dizziness, insomnia, tachycardia, allergic reaction.

development of systemic symptoms of overdose is possible in case of accidental or deliberate ingestion of the drug or dosage is exceeded when applied topically. Symptoms: mydriasis, nausea, cyanosis, fever, seizures, arrhythmias, hypertension, pulmonary edema, dyspnea. Excessive systemic absorption of imidazole derivatives may cause CNS depression, drowsiness, hypothermia, bradycardia, collapse, apnea and coma. The risk of overdose symptoms associated with the absorption of the drug is high in young children, especially if swallowed. Overdose in children may manifest CNS depression accompanied by drowsiness, excessive sweating, severe hypotension, up to the shock. Treatment: the specific antidote is not known. Assign activated charcoal, gastric lavage, inhalation of oxygen, the use of fever-reducing, anti-convulsive agents. Used to reduce blood pressure by 5 mg phentolamine 0.9% NaCl solution slowly in / or with 100 mg orally.


Interaction with other drugs
The drug should not be used concurrently with MAO inhibitors (phenelzine, Nialamide, iproniazid et al.), And within 10 days after the termination of their reception.
Simultaneous use with monoamine oxidase inhibitors, tritsikliche-cal antidepressants, guanethidine may cause hypertension, tachycardia .
Simultaneous use with rezepinom, insulin, propranolol, general anesthetics, atropine increases the risk of cardiovascular effects anavar side effects.
Concomitant use with guanetidinom can cause mydriasis (pupil dilation), with a temporary visual impairment.

anavar side effects in the form of eye drops, it is advisable to apply only in mild eye irritation. If irritation and conjunctival hyperemia associated with an infectious disease, the presence of a foreign body or chemical corneal injury should consult an ophthalmologist.
If within 48 hours after the start of the application of eye drops symptoms persist, become more pronounced and evident side effects, discontinue using the product and consult with an ophthalmologist.
in case of intense pain in the eyes, headache, blurred vision, sudden appearance of “floating spots” in front of the eyes, redness of eyes, pain when exposed to light or double vision, you should immediately consult a doctor.
if you wear contact lenses they are removed before burying and re-establish the drug within 15 minutes thereafter. It is necessary to avoid direct contact of eye drops with soft contact lenses because of the possible violation of their transparency.

Effect on vehicle driving ability and work with special equipment
in the period of treatment must be careful when driving vehicles and occupation of other potentially hazardous activities that require high concentration of attention, psychomotor speed reactions and good vision (after the application of eye drops may mydriasis and blurred vision) .

Product form
Eye drops 0.05%. In 15 ml of solution in a white polymer bottle-dropper indoor polymer cap with safety ring. One dropper bottle with instructions for use in a carton box. how much to inject for weight loss

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