anavar for sale

Anavar for sale – Adrenomimeticalkie drug that stimulates alpha-adrenergic receptors of the sympathetic nervous system, but it does not have or has little effect on the beta-adrenergic receptors. As adrenomimeticheskim amine anavar for sale has a vasoconstrictor action and reduces the swelling of tissue.
The effect begins 60 seconds after instillation and lasts 4-8 hours. Pharmacokinetics When applied topically, systemic absorption is possible in patients with lesions of the mucosa and epithelium. Detailed pharmacokinetic studies have not been conducted after topical application of eye drops.


To remove the swelling and conjunctival hyperemia (redness of the eye) caused by exposure to chemical and physical factors (smoke, wind, dust and chlorinated water, light, cosmetics, contact lenses), as well as arising from allergic reactions such as hay fever.


– Hypersensitivity to the drug;
– closure glaucoma;
– Children under 2 years old.


In patients with severe cardiovascular disease (coronary heart disease, hypertension), pheochromocytoma, prostatic hyperplasia, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, porphyria, dry rhinitis, dry keratoconjunctivitis, glaucoma and in patients receiving monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) or other means that can increase blood pressure.
The use, the drug is contraindicated with angle-closure glaucoma. For other types of glaucoma medication used with extreme caution and under medical supervision.

Application of pregnancy and during breastfeeding

The data on the penetration of the drug through the placenta and breast milk are not available. Given the possibility of systemic side effects, use the drug during pregnancy and lactation is possible only if, in the opinion of the physician, the expected benefit to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the fetus and child.

Dosing and Administration

Locally. Adults and children over 2 years: 1 drop in the affected eye 2-3 times a day.
Use of the drug for more than 4 days should be taken only under medical supervision.

Instructions for use vials for single use

Each vial of the drug “Visine ® Classic” is designed for single use only. The drug should be used immediately after opening the ampoule. The amounts of the drug in the vial is sufficient for a single administration in both eyes.


1. Break the strip from one ampoule (Fig. 1), and the remaining ampoules put back into the foil bag.
2. Open the vial by removing the top, the unfilled portion of the ampoule (Fig. 2).
3. drip drug in the conjunctival sac, gentle pressure on the filled part of the ampoule (Fig. 3).

Side effect

Very common (> 1/10), common (> 1/100 / <1/10) and uncommon (> 1/1000, <1/100), rare (> 1/10000, <1/1000) and very rare (<1/10000).
Uncommon: reactive hyperemia, burning sensation, dryness of mucous membranes, systemic disorders (eg, palpitations, headache, tremor, weakness, sweating, increased blood pressure).
There may be blurred vision, irritation of the conjunctiva or rarely mydriasis. Furthermore, rarely observed Adrenomimeticalkie systemic effects.
In some cases, after prolonged use anavar for sale reported epithelium keratinization (xerosis) of the conjunctiva with, occlusion of the lacrimal points and epiphora.


Symptoms of
excess systemic absorption of alpha-adrenomimeticheskih imidazole derivatives may result in depression of the central nervous system, which is manifested by drowsiness, low body temperature, bradycardia, shock-like hypotension, apnea and coma.
The symptoms of overdose are mydriasis, nausea, cyanosis, fever, convulsions, tachycardia, arrhythmia , heart failure, high blood pressure, pulmonary edema, disorders of respiratory function, mental disorders.
The risk of overdose symptoms associated with drug absorption, is particularly high in infants and young children if ingested, resulting in possible violation of the central nervous system, as well as respiratory depression and collapse.
Toxic anavar for sale dose is 0.01 mg per kilogram of body weight. Treatment In overdose activated charcoal, gastric lavage, inhalation of oxygen, antipyretic and anti-convulsants. to reduce arterial pressure is applied 5 mg phentolamine at physiological saline slowly intravenously or 100 mg orally. Patients with low blood pressure vasopressor agents are contraindicated. In case of symptoms due to blockade of m-cholinergic receptors, use antidote physostigmine. When you see any symptoms of overdose you should immediately contact a doctor!

Interaction with other drugs

The drug “Vizin .Klassichesky” should not be, used in conjunction with MAO inhibitors such as tranylcypromine, tricyclic antidepressants, and drugs that increase blood pressure. Combination therapy with these drugs groups could lead to increased vasoconstrictor action and blood pressure.

special instructions

Contact lenses should be removed before instillation of the drug and install them in 15 minutes. You should avoid direct contact of the drug with soft contact lenses because of the possible violation of their transparency.
Perhaps the development of reactive hyperemia of the conjunctiva and mucous membranes of the nose (rhinitis medicamentosa) due to improper use of the drug.
In case of intense pain in the eyes, severe acute or unilateral redness of the eyes, headache, blurred vision, the appearance of spots before the eyes or double vision necessary to consult a doctor immediately.
If irritation or redness associated with serious diseases of the eye: the infection, a foreign body or chemical injury of the cornea, should consult an ophthalmologist.
avoid long-term use and overdose preparation, especially in children.
If the drug became useless or expired shelf life – do not pour it into the waste water and do not throw into the street! Place the drug in the bag and place in the trash. These measures will help protect the environment!

Effect on driving and perform potentially dangerous activities

In rare cases, after the application of eye drops “Visine ® Classic” there is blurred vision, which may affect the ability to drive and use machines.

release Form

Eye drops of 0.5 mg / ml.
0.5 ml of the drug in transparent single use vials of low density polyethylene. 5 vials are welded together in the form of strips. On 2 strips in a package made of paper / PE / aluminum / film.
On one package together with instructions for use in a carton box. steroidi e anabolizzanti nandrolone prezzo steroidi anabolizzanti effetti collaterali